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3 Catering Styles

No matter what type of event you’re putting on, you'll want the catering to be memorable. When people leave the party, they’ll be thanking you for serving Bravo Burrito. Regardless of the size of the event and your budget, Bravo has an option that fits your needs. View our brochure below to learn more about the three catering options we offer.
Taco Bar
For medium to large events, the Taco Bar is an optimal choice. A buffet style setup will allow your guests to make tacos and nachos exactly the way they want them.
Burrito Box
For the budget conscious, the Burrito Box covers all the bases. Snack size burritos with chips and salsa are an affordable option for an event of any size.
Meal Kit
For family get togethers and small groups, the Meal Kit is what you need. Similar to the Taco Bar, but smaller portions served in disposable containers for quick and easy dining and cleanup.

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